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(photos are from her IG,@Dharme_pearl)
Hey lovelies!!how have you guys been??I'm starting another segment called FOCUS.Today,we are focusing on a young model,Dharme Pearl.I got a chance to interview some time ago..

How did you get into modelling?
  ahhh,okay i'm a picture lover,picture freak,so i got comments and all from people and right from time,i'v always loved to be one(a model).

How did your agency contact you?
   Okay presently i'm not under one for one(Dharme is currently signed  to Pages Models),terminated my contract with House of Zeta.She saw my pictures on IG and i went for the boot camp she organized,i got signed but i'm not with her anymore.

That's cool.What were the challenges you faced when you started or just generally?
   Challenges!Mehn alot!Schooling and modelling.Started my modelling career two years ago.I'm a graduate now but i was in 400 level then.Projects,tests,assignments.It was crazy mehn!I had to leave school for shoots and castings.Booking for exeat in school was another thing.Some people thought i was wasting my time.It was stressful.

 How would you describe your style?
  I'm not really the fashion type.I wear anything that i'm comfortable with and i also love dressing like a guy.

How can young entrepreneurs like yourself use the internet in a productive way rather than destructive way?
  Creation and promotion of what they are into.

Nice..Your fashion icon?
  I don't have one.

What is your take on girls body shaming other girls?
  Lol..They do that to me alot.Saying i'm too skinny and shit.But if they can love their curves,i see no reason why i should not love my bones lol.Maybe they are probably jealous or something.

What does having it all mean to you?
  First of all,i don't think someone can have it all.There is always a but.

Last question,what is one quote you live by?
  Believe in yourself,anything is possible.That is my watchword.

Thank you for your time.
 you are welcome bae.


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