2:23:00 PM

Hey beautiful people! How're you all doing?.It has been a while. I've been so busy with school work. My brain has been really clogged with several things.I've been thinking of what to post for a while now.I decided to write about my new look;my natural hair.
Like I said in a previous post,I talked about my natural hair,I've always been very insecure about my receding hairline and my beautiful, beautiful big ass forehead( which I just learned can be pronounced as "Forrid" in phonetics class lol).

As always,I was going to get my hair did and my friend caught me and was like, "hell no! Let your hair breath. You are not making your hair o.I don't know what kind of human being you are that has good hair and doesn't want to show it off" She literally dragged me back into my room.She pinned me down and off she went!
With constant slaps on my forehead. For those people asking how I got my hair to look like that,
She started by spraying my hair with water.She blow dried it and applied Shea butter and coconut oil.She made twists and knotted the hair;Bantu knots.In the process,my other friend came into the room and said "If you carry this hair for a week,I'll buy you Item 7 rice". As I heard food like this, motivation just hit me, gbam!. The next day,we took the knots out,she laid my edges and off I went.
To cut the long story short,my hair became more popular than I was.It got more attention than I got. I was also able to show my piercings too.
Why was I getting myself all worked up for nothing these past years?  Embrace your flaws, people.That's all I can say.
P.s I ate my Item 7 rice yesterday. I should try to bet more often.It felt so good getting free

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