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Hey!! How is it going??. I'm back with another post,talking about my personal style. I got inspired by a YouTube video I made. Click to watch the YouTube video.
First of all,I don't believe it's important to have a definite style. You should be able to play around and discover new stuff.
Also,trends should not be followed all the time. You are allowed to like something trending at a particular time
but you shouldn't try it just because you have to.You should,only because you like it.
To me,what is important is comfortability. If wearing heels and going all out makes you comfortable, no problem. The word "comfort" is relative. So,if you see someone wearing heels to an event where you are wearing flats,best believe the person could be comfortable.
People who know me,knows I like the term "homeless". Not because I want to be homeless or I like seeing homeless people lol. I like the "homeless" look which I see as Laid back and very comfortable and "dull"and not trying too hard. I really don't fancy too much of a serious look. Even guys,I find them extra attractive when they wear monochromatic stuff like a big Tshirt or sweatshirt and jeans and some fire shoes or even crocs and a face cap. Same applies for girls too.
When I see girls with a big Tshirt and leggings or jeans, best believe I'll give a compliment.
My go-to outfit is a big Tshirt with a cool inscription and leggings maybe with a denim jacket
or I'm wearing crop tops with high waisted jeans.
I'm also obsessed with black,white and starting to dig pale pink tho.Most times, I'm always wearing those colours.
I also prefer sneaks and slip-ons to heels. I don't mind going to a high class event,wearing sneakers. That's why I love Kristen Stewart. She is known for that.
All in all,wear what you want .You can only express yourself with what you like.

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  1. Love itπŸ™ŒπŸΎ it's funny how some people think that all short people must wear heels and all tall people must wear flats regardless of the occasion! Like wah corsign you.....?😹

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Exactly..E dinno consign you.