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So I finally got the LA Girl Pro Concealer and I'm glad I did.They come in a basic little squeeze tube with a white brush applicator. The brush soaks up the concealer really quickly so you should be very careful when you squeeze the tube.The coverage is medium to full which is awesome for me because of my natural dark circles.On the first use,I squeezed it and literally water came out so I closed it and shook it and tried again and it came out perfect. The concealer is very hydrating and it feels cool on the face.I use GC986 Chestnut which is my skin color.The shade range is massive so you should have no
problem worrying about your right shade.I got it for 1000 naira,that is like $5 which means it is budget friendly,it photographs really well(I take selfies a lot)
It gives a perfect coverage,hydrating BUT it feels wet,the concealer seperates leaving water at the top but you can just shake it,it could be tacky at times.I'll give it 4 stars! Overall,this drugstore product is impressive,cheap but absolutely great.
I hope my review was helpful. If you need help finding your right shade,leave a comment and I'll definitely help you out.

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