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 So, last week someone asked who friend zones the most, guys or girls. Due to experience I said guys and I gave reasons. For me there are 4 zones that your friend of the opposite sex can place you in (if you’re straight).
1.      FRIEND ZONE: This is the most common of all zones. It’s easy especially when the other person is in a relationship or not in the mood for one.
For me guys who enter this zone are the ones I can’t date but value their friendship. But do not fear or lose hope if you’re in this category because it will take a little miracle or some eye opening for any romantic relationship to happen between you two.
2.      BESTIE ZONE: If you have someone of the opposite sex as your best friend then you know this. As a guy you help your female bestie in deciding which of her suitors is worthy enough to take her heart; and as a girl you give your male bestie advice when he’s having woman troubles. You guys are there for each other and can practically be naked before each other. Usually (and this is based on movies) it takes a heartbreak of one person for the other to realize how much they love each other.
3.      BRO ZONE: I know some of you especially guys are already having second thoughts, but wait a minute. If a girl or boy introduces you as a bro or fam or nigga or padi or guy and you have feelings for them better start praying because it will take one very big gigantic miracle for them to love you. To them you’re asexual, you’re like a sibling to them. The one they will keep coming to for advice and fun even when they get married. Victims of this are usually those in a clique or a squad. People rarely leave this category.
4.      WIFEY/HUSBY ZONE (FRIEND WITH BENEFIT): I know what this looks like lemme break it down. If you look into the relationship with your friend and realize that you’ve come this far and you’ve passed the afore mentioned stages without anything happening between you two, then chances are that they will probably rehearse their proposal speech with you (if you’re a girl) or you would be picking the colours for the bridesmaids dresses in a few years. Nothing and no one can bring you out of this category. If one is single, the other is automatically their date or escort to any event whether or not their single. There is also the occasion stolen kiss or night *wink*. Truth be told if they’re told to pick between you and their partner, there is a 60% chance they would pick you. At this point you both know dating will be a disaster and marriage will be inconceivable, but you value each other’s company. Don’t worry coz you would be godparents to each other’s children.

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