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    Calling out those who are proudly African or those who are African at heart!!! Inspired by the last Sunday that the 2015/16 final year students of Babcock University, we at Hassys world have decided to create this section due to our current obsession and hopefully full time love for traditional African outfits made with prints a.k.a. TRAD. Every fortnight we will post our current obsession. Because we love you guys so much, you get to participate by posting a picture of yourself on the current trend using the #HWRADFORTRAD
            Trad has been existing since the time of our ancestors, sanyan, aso-oke, adire, akwoche, and recently Ankara, lace and everything in between. Nowadays, there has been a new spin on trad, with females wearing danshiki, agbada and caps, while guys now rock shirts that have pocket squares and drape pieces of fabric across their neck as a muffler or scarf.

            Our Trend for this week is Monochrome. We are deeply in love with the colour black at Hassys world and we also love our white. There nothing better and going all black or white and we love it when you mix and match both of them.
Here are some examples we found online, you could send us yours to add:(none of these photos is mine.i do not take credit for any of them).

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