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Hey lovelies!! So,I finally got my ears pierced.People that know me, knows I'm obsessed with piercings and I've always wanted to get them.My fam told me to wait till I was 18 before I could get them. I'm 18 now so,this is like a late birthday wish that came through.
I know I'm going to get more. Maybe 3 more on each ear.The pain level on a scale of one to ten,was about a hundred.Damn! It was painful.I never experred it. Lol.A gun was used to pierce it.
When I got the first one pierced, my brain literally shut down lol but I didn't scream because if I screamed or didn't, the pain would still be the same. In my mind,I was like this is how it ends.
I got up, saying I'm not doing anything again but I was encouraged to do another one.I sat again,the second one was pierced. The pain was worse than the first. My eyes turned red.lmao! I literally could not think straight again.
Before I did them,I used to watch videos on YouTube of people talking about their experiences and saying it wasn't that painful.I guess people have different threshold for pain.
It is still in healing process.I would change the earrings to little hoops so that my hair doesn't get caught up in it.
Cleaning it is another process. You don't want it to get infected. I sterilize it with hot water and antiseptic, I oil it all the time and make sure it never gets dry.I also use "Aboniki" to massage it because of the swelling.I twist the earring in the process so that it wouldn't get stuck(worst part).
All in all.I love them and I'm glad I summoned the courage to get them done.
Also.if you really want them but your parents disagree, communication is key.Let them know it is not a tattoo.If you get tired of it,you can always remove the earring and the hole will close.
I also find it disgusting when people say piercings are for bad girls or "ashewos".That is a very primitive way of thinking. The normal earlobe piercings we get the first day we are born ain't a bad thing?? They are piercings too you know.
If you want it done,get it done. Do not worry about what people say.

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