6:48:00 PM

Hey lovelies!! So,I went makeup hunting at trade fair. I decided to get this classic lipstain.The colour was so attractive.I had to get it.I also watched a video of youtuber,Kellie Sweet using a similar colour.Purchasing it was just inevitable.
I am not really good with colors but I think it is I swiped it at the back of my hand,it looked so pretty.It had this "grungy" feeling so,that was a plus.
When I tried to wipe it off,it kept spreading and my hand was literally covered with the lipstain which means,a little goes a long way.

I applied it on my lips and it was just perfect.It dried up quickly. I tested it by drinking water from a plastic bottle and it did not smudge. Yayyy!! But,it is really difficult to wipe off. The colour I got was"VIP"
They weren't kidding when they wrote "24 hours long lasting" lol.
I also got it for just #400.Cheap and affordable.

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