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Hey lovelies!! How are y'all doing??So,I'm just here thinking about a lot of things.
There is absolutely nothing wrong in believing in something and standing alone if nobody agrees with you.
I remember when I was in Jss2 and I was arguing with a girl(she was supposed to be intelligent) about the spelling of "received" which she said was spelt, "recieved".I kept telling her she was wrong.She kept telling me I was wrong.We decided to go meet the "smartest" girls in Jss2 at that time.They said it was spelt "recieved" lol!! They were all staring at me because I was never the "all about the book" kinda girl and with that,I was always tagged as "unserious" even though I always came 3rd in my! I was surprised like "are these people kidding me?" I left there knowing in my heart I was right and I kept spelling it the way I thought I was spelt.
Enough of the story,what I want to bring out is,believe in yourself no matter what other people think or say.Do not agree with something because other people agree with it.What's the fun in going with the flow?? Stay true to your words and belief.Don't worry if you stand alone.
It takes nothing to join the crowd,it takes everything to stand alone.When you stand alone,that's courage.
Thank you for reading!

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