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So,I recently just finished my first year in the University and I compiled a list of the things I learned.Let me know in the comment section if you relate to any of them.

1. Always take chances.

2. You will hate everything about it at least,once.

3. Parents were wrong about everything.

4.Parents were right about everything.

5. Do not reject free food.Ever!

6. Apparently, to achieve your goals in life,you need a high G.P.

7. Yes,lecturers hit on students.

8. Because friends are good to you,doesn't mean they are good for you.

9. You don't have to have sex or go to parties when you don't want to. Nobody really cares.

10. You can survive a day without eating anything.

11. Not all the boys in engineering are rich.

12. Some people are not any more mature than they were in high school.

13. You are gonna hate everybody sometimes.

14. You are not ready for this.

15. Procrastinating school work is a general thing.

16. There are people in your class who will be better than you in everything but that doesn't mean they are actually better than you. Grades have no relevance to passion.

17. Cry.It's fine.

18. "F" is real.

19. "Screw it" doesn't do your assignments or improve your grades.

20. After writing the best paper and you get a bad grade.The paper was awesome. Accept the stupid grade.Life.

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