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Hey lovelies.So,i read a post and i got inspired to write mine.As a 18 year old teenager,i know i'm not the only one going through stuff.These are 18 things that  has kept me going in the process of finding myself.

1. Not every thing deserves a reaction :Some people's job is to annoy the hell out of you.But inner peace will do your body good.Let them be.

2. Have your first relationship with yourself : Most times,i hear girls my age pray and wish for a lover that will love them unconditionally.Great! But do you love yourself?Have you accepted yourself?Flaws and all?.When you are in love with yourself,you will be loved for who you are.

3. Not everybody will think like you.Everybody got different heart.So,if you try to expect less or nothing at all from people,the better you will feel.

4.Speak up and dictate your values: If you do not like something,speak.This is hard because you would not want to hurt the feelings of friends.But someday,you have to.Do not tolerate everything.The less you tolerate,the more respect you are given.That is all i need from anybody;Respect.

5.I don't fancy the "Forgive and Forget" yarn. Forgive but never,ever forget.You don't have to go back to where it all started.You are free to leave.

6.You are beautiful : I don't mean physically now.If you think you are a beautiful human,my darling,you are.

7. Wear what you want to wear jare.It is your body: Funny thing is,people that have issues with your choice of clothing are the insecure ones.It's not like they were forced to wear it.Wear what you feel good and comfortable in.Sometimes,i see girls in public without bras and i'm like "yas girl!you are goals".It is not easy wearing a bra everyday of your life because the "society'' will see your nipples and talk.''Is it their nipple?.Wear what you want hunnies. Your clothes doesn't determine your consent.

8.Everybody has stretch marks :I absolutely love the fact that girls are embracing this now. Stretch marks are not weird.Skinny girls too have them.It is not a sign that you are not skinny or you won't be skinny for too long.Skinny or thick,It's inevitable.Werk it!

9. Love will come to you:If you are too eager to get something,it might not get to you.Trust that you will find true love one day.Do not stress it.Work on yourself and stay beautiful.

10.You are not a stupid person if you don't conform to society.You are allowed to speak up for what  you believe in.

11. Confidence is everything.Confidence is the best thing any one can wear.But,do not confuse confidence with cockiness.I always want to be around confident people.

12.If you want to be alone by choice,that's fine.Don't be in a relationship because all your friends are in one.Like i said earlier,have a relationship with yourself first.This is important because you set the tone for what you look for in a relationship.

13.You are enough.Everyone will want something extra with you but the right people will always think you are worth it even at your worst.

14. Don't think you are not beautiful because you do not look like your favourite celebrity.Christmas lights and flowers are both beautiful but they look nothing alike.Remember that.

15.You don't owe anyone any explanation for what you decide to do to your body.It's your body.

16. You are capable of whatever it is you set your mind to.

17. You are allowed to be emotional about something.You are not "too emotional" or dramatic for being sensitive.

18.You are a special human.Nobody like you and that is your advantage.

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