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Hey guys! I know I do this a lot but,I apologize for not posting anything in a while.I have been uninspired lately.I've been kinda busy too with a few things. School is also starting in a few days.Ugh! I ain't ready for that tho.I ain't ready.
So,this post was inspired by a friend who talked to me about something she was/is facing with her parents(her mum especially).
I decided to write about it because it's something I can relate to.It's something we can all relate to.

Most parents,if not all,want their child/children to become a doctor, lawyer,engineer.You know the rest.They want that so much that they discourage and belittle what the child actually wants to do.
Throughout my childhood,I've always wanted to be different things.From being an accountant to a therapist,to a video editor, movie critic,fashion designer and now,a blogger,designer and vlogger.
Lol.Yes! I've never been a child that wanted to be a doctor or lawyer,engineer ( lol! My brain can't handle that).This was an issue with my parents. They are more supportive now but, they used to say I was Lazy that's why I opted for a "simpler"! No,im just not interested.

My friend, told her mum she doesn't want to be a medical doctor but a graphic designer and her mum told her she wants to embarrass the family and asked her what others will think."I no no the rubbish wey you dey draw every time".
This is wrong on so many levels.You don't destroy your child's dream because of yours or because of what others with say.

If you do not support them and they decide to go their own path,they will never truly be happy.They know they are doing what they want but because they are not fulfilling your dream,they think they are doing the wrong thing.
Do not force your child to follow your path because we all cannot have the same one.Your child should be allowed to branch out.
I understand that you don't want us/them to choose the wrong path but what's life without making a few mistakes and having disappointments and learning from them? If a child wants to play the piano,let him.Get him a piano.If he finds out it isn't for him,let him choose another thing.Do not restrict your children. Let them live and learn.Do not get in their way.You have done yours.Its our time now.Your support to your children is everything.

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