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Hey guys! It's weird how I get inspired to write a whatever works right?Right.I was having a conversation with a blogger friend after we had a another conversation with someone who said "You are a blogger,you are a blogger.Are you making money from it?"I began to think. Really? Is that what there is to all this?
I remember when I started blogging and I tell people I blog,they would be like " you don't have work oh"."how will you sit down and be writing and wasting data"."This thing you are doing,dem dey pay you?".Now,it has changed to "So,you want to be the next Linda Ikeji".ugh! The number of times I hear that.
The same people send you messages now to tell you how good of a job you are doing.Make up your minds o!
With this post,I want people to get something straight. I started blogging because of the Passion(yes,passion).I wanted to share things of interest with people. I wanted to inspire people.It was with further research I got to know you could actually make money from your blog.Yes,I have gotten a little cash with my blog.But that isn't what's important to me.If I make more money from it,it will just be a bonus.There are several ways I try/ want to make money as an entrepreneur so,if i make money with the blog,awesome!! If not,nothing spoil.What I wish to attain with my blog is more recognition from companies and also,to continue to make my readers happy.
I get a lot of messages from people asking Me how I make money from my is that the first thing you ask?.You haven't decided on a niche,nothing. You havent worked on publicity.But you want money.Plix,if it happens like that,plix let me know o.
Again,with the "Linda Ikeji" tag,there are different niches to blogging.Linda Ikeji blogs about News,entertainment, mostly news.I am a beauty,fashion and Lifestyle blogger.there are other successful bloggers too.I am not Linda Ikeji.I don't want to be Linda Ikeji.Linda Ikeji has created a brand. A very successful brand.She has created a name for herself and her brand.I'm trying to do the same.I can only say,she can be an inspiration.
So,plix ehn,blogging is not rubbish.It takes hardwork,it is a beautiful thing to do.
My blog has given me an outlet to be able to share services i have to offer.E.g,my clothing line.I have had the opportunity to connect with people who are successful in their fields.I have gotten alot of messages from people asking for advices,acknowledging what i do.Im good with that.So many people make a living from their blogs.
If as a blogger,or you do something else and you receive responses like this,I don't think it is necessary to reply.You know your vision better than others.Just do you thing.

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  1. Sometimes, I wanto liken you to Olori, myself. But I say to myself, Hassana is Hassana, and she's doing this blogging thing the way it should be done.

  2. Ryt..Blogging requires or no money..kip d passion going..sited major improvement.. Thumbs up..