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Hey guys! How are you doing? I've decided to share my top 10 favourite TV series of all time. I'm not really a fan of movies. It takes a great deal for me to actually dedicate time to see a movie.Especially series. I like horror movies with plenty of blood, lit death and all. Lol! In no particular order,these are my favorite TV series of all time.

American horror story is one of the best series i have ever seen. You should too if you dont mind getting a bit scared.

                                           This is a very funny movie and i love Zoey so,score!

                                                           The suspense was epic!

                           This is one of the best things that has ever graced television.

        The first and only movie that has made me cry. My favourite character died.Dont judge me.

Old but classic

old but obsessed with this


I have no words

Wanna know how things can change and make you do the unexpected,see this movie!!

let me know in the comment  section,series that you want to recommend. thank you!

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