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Nobody likes the word NO. I know I don’t sha.
It is just a bad feeling when you want something but cannot have it.For instance,
No..i’m not accepting your proposal
No..I am not paying you because your work isn’t good enough.
All these can just carry your spirit and slam it on the floor.
But,let’s face it. NO is a word we have to get used to because it is going nowhere.
Especially us young people that are at the beginning of our careers.
I cannot lie,I used to hate it so much;rejection.

I hated sending e-mails and getting those nonsense emails that say…."thank you for your interest but one thing one thing”
Translation:We don’t want what you are offering”
I just stopped applying even for the ones I really wanted.
I didn’t give up tho. I continued to do my thing. I worked on improving my skills.
Life was good!
I started sending more emails and few offers came rolling in.Even the ones I wasn’t even interested in
That Vulnerable situation that we put or find ourselves in that often leads to rejection,is the SAME position that gets us what we want.
When it comes to things we are passionate about,we need to learn to love the word,NO.
 Or at the very least,stop being scared of it because your career or whatever it is you crave for will NEVER be handed to you just like that.
You can’t just sit back,and expect that someone will come and give you tarti billion or give you your dream job.
It doesn’t work like that.If it does,please coman tell me how.I’m interested.
You have to WORK for what you want
You have to ASK
You have to take CHANCES
While this is going on,you are going to hear NO sometimes or even all the time.
Do not be discouraged because in my opinion,you are doing something right.Look at it this way,If you are hearing the word,NO,it means you are taking chances and you are asking for what you want.
You are giving people the opportunity to say NO to you but you are also giving them the opportunity to say YES.
Learn to love it,take more chances and eventually,you will get it. If you don’t,it isn’t over. You need to continue.You must get it.

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