2:25:00 PM

I have been so overwhelmed of late.
 School work; plenty of assignments, my side hustle and this thing called adulting. I have been struggling to find time to do anything. So, I haven’t written in a while. Heck, I have not done anything in a while.
I keep procrastinating things, telling myself that “so so so time will be the perfect time to do a particular thing”
The so so so time will come and go, I still wouldn’t do nothing. With this, I have not accomplished anything.

Truth is, there is not a perfect time to do things. You just have to do it. Perfect moments are way too hard to come by.
We think there’s a perfect time to read, get married, have a baby, even eat. And then us writers think there’s a perfect time to write. We have to be “in the mood”. We believe we need to have some comfort food, put on a playlist, have a serene environment.
I’m calling Nonsense on that. Because as I’m writing this, I’m tired. I’m tired physically and mentally.
I’m exhausted, straight out of the bathroom with my hair in a net, playing some trap music.
Despite that, I’m writing. And I’m so glad I’m doing this right now. It feels so goooood.

Screw the perfectionism. Screw waiting for that perfect moment. Get things done. Make things happen and screw the excuses.

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