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Juggling school,meeting upon meetings,extracurricular activities and blogging isn’t exactly easy,but after about 4 whole years,It’s just a part of who I am. These are reasons I continue to blog and how it has helped me:

My writing has improved drastically: To be a good writer,you have to write a lot.If possible,everyday. Every damn day. Even when you hate it. I try to write all the time(I’ve been slacking a lot lately lol) and I thank God for that because when I look back at some of my earlier posts,I cringe at how bad they were.

I get to vent: I started this blog because I needed to showcase what I’m passionate about about and vent. I never thought I could make money from my blog. I just needed a place to rant about the crap I was dealing with. 4 years later,it’s still kind of nice to have a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings whenever I want.

I get to be creative: I never used to think of myself as the creative type. I cannot draw,I can’t sing,I can’t play any kind of musical instrument. But when I started writing,I realized that I AM creative. I also realized I loved creating.
Blogging has allowed me to turn blank pages into content that hundreds of people read,and that’s pretty amazing if you ask me. I look forward to creating a whole lot more.

I get to help others: There’s absolutely nothing I love more than being able to help others through my writing. Every once in a while,I’ll receive messages from people thanking me for writing a particular post and that means everything to me. I’m truly thankful for being able to reach a lot of people.

The opportunities have been amazing:I've been able to work with amazing brands. I've been opportuned to interact with people doing amazingly well in their fields.

I have an additional revenue stream: I don’t blog full time,but hey, as a part time blogger, I make a little something something from sponsored posts here and there. I just got eligible for google ads(let’s see how this goes).

        If you are considering starting up a blog,go for it. I don’t promise it’s going to be easy but,you will get the hang of it.

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