9:17:00 PM

Sometimes,I try to be an overachiever but in reality,I’m usually a hot mess. I struggle with deadlines, I do not reply messages and my inbox gets flooded and I have a pretty good relationship with my snooze button;I sleep a lot.
There are so many things that I wish to accomplish so,I feel I need to step it up a notch and focus on building some girlboss habits.

WAKING UP EARLY: I hit the snooze button over 30 times before I get up(if I get up). I love waiting till the last possible second before getting my ass out of bed. I could use that extra hour to do something productive because I feel I have too much to do and there’s never enough time.

Kicking procrastination in the ass: You need to stop procrastinating if you want to be a girlboss because girlbosses get shit done and make things happen. I procrastinate way more than I should and I think if I procrastinated a bit less, I would be a whole lot closer to my goal.

Exercising: I hate exercising. I hate it a lot. I hate sweating,I hate being in pain,I don’t know how it feels good losing your breath. But,I know I need to find a form of exercise that i’d enjoy. Gotta stay fit yunno.

Saving money:Why does everything have to be so expensive? I know a lot of us struggle with saving money. We just gotta try. No matter how little it is.It is better than nothing, It is not easy.It is more fun to buy that fire kick or food.But I will try to have a bit more self control and make the act of saving money a true habit.

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