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What is your dream in life? How much time per day or week do you spend working to make that dream a reality? And how much time do you spend dreaming about making it a reality?
I saw this online "I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable. I am an original. I’m not falling behind or running late. I’m not standing still. I am lying in wait"

It reminded me that I probably think I’m not progressing, I’m simply working hard in the present to experience massive success later. But, except you are incredibly lucky, you can wait for things you want to happen to come to fruition. Life doesn’t work that way tho. Most of the time, dreams don’t just come true. We have to work to make them happen.
With all these, what I brought out was , If I like, I can wait for it. I can wait for whatever it is but all that waiting will be useless if I am not actively working to make my dreams come true.
This brings me back to this: What’s your dream in life?Do you spend more time dreaming about making it happen,or actually working to make it happen?
I know going to school or having a job can make it difficult to spend time to achieve all of your dreams but if you spend a week dreaming about how great it will be writing that story and spend zero hours executing it, that’s not a great ratio of dreaming to doing.
I’m writing this as an advice to myself and to you, my reader. I love to dream about things happening and I’m trying to put in effort and hardwork to bring those dreams out of my head and make them into realities. For all the time I spend dreaming, I must spend more time,writing,editing,learning and creating.
What is better than waiting for a dream to come true is to make that dream happen.
Thank you for reading.

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    I wrote something like this too you co

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