5:41:00 PM

You see, sometimes I doubt my abilities and become so unsure of myself and my work.
Can I really do this? Is my blog that good or are people bored of reading what I put out? Should I just quit?
I would write some ideas down and spend the remaining days asking myself if these ideas are good enough to try to execute.

You wanna know what all these do for me? Nada! Nothing at all.
Rather, it saps me of my energy and threatens to steal my will power. So I tried to do better and here are a few ways I’ve been trying to get rid of them.

Being positively affirmative: I have an app on my phone full of quotes by great people. I also get daily notifications of quotes to motivate me that particular day.
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well,neither does bathing- that’s why we recommend it daily” –Zig Ziglar.
I like to repeat positive words to myself when I start to feel some typa way.

Do not compare yourself to anybody or anything: Self doubt is normal but, STOP! You don’t have to do what they are doing. Do your own thing and be consistent with it and with that,you will definitely step up.

Give yourself a damn break! : Calm down and breath. You are human.

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  1. I think everyone faces this at some point in their lives. I also feel like I'm not doing enough and I should just end it all but I tell myself that the world needs me and who's going to be me if not me, lol

    1. That's the way! There are things that needs to be done by you. Nobody will see your vision like you so why you gotta quit? 💚